Minnesota teen rescues boy unconscious in pool

A Minnesota teen's quick reactions helped save the life of a young boy who was unconscious at the bottom of an apartment complex pool, KTTC reported.

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Cody Runyon, 13, was swimming in the pool at the Villages at Essex Park in Rochester when he noticed a boy underwater.

"I went under water, and all of a sudden I see him just laying on the ground just sitting down in 5 feet, just passed out," Runyon told KTTC.

Runyon swam over to the deep end of the pool and dove down.

"I grabbed him like that like around his waist, and then his head was over my shoulder and I started carrying him," he told KTTC.

There was no lifeguard at the pool. Runyon brought the boy to the shallow end of the pool, where Desiree Pasko took over and performed CPR.

"Adrenalin was so surreal at the time that I walked over and said to the young man that had drowned, 'This isn't funny. If you're playing this isn't funny,'" Pasko told KTTC. "I said it two or three times before I knew that it was just time to pull him out and I pulled him out and initiated CPR."

After laying him on his side then performing mouth-to-mouth with no avail, she began chest compressions.

"And then I could hear a small gurgle, and his cheeks got pink. When his cheeks turned pink, I gave one more breath, I did two more big pumps, and then I tipped him over just praying that he would vomit and he did," Pasko said. "And when he'd vomited I started screaming 'He's alive! He's alive!"

Pasko told KTTC she was grateful that Runyon noticed the boy.

"He's the coolest kid. He is … he's the hero," she said.

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