Man strips in Florida restaurant, eats ramen noodles and plays bongos

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SEE: Man strips in restaurant, eats ramen and plays bongos

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A homeless man was caught on surveillance camera sneaking into a Florida restaurant, exiting a bathroom naked, sitting at a picnic table eating ramen noodles and then playing the bongos, WFLA reported.

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It turns out the man plays guitar at the St. Petersburg restaurant and was just using the facilities after hours, the television station reported.

Still, it was a strange circumstance that began when a St. Petersburg officer was investigating a break-in that occurred at The Chattaway restaurant on Nov. 6. The officer was reviewing surveillance video that showed a burglar eating a plate of chicken wings and beer and stealing more than $500 of tips and equipment, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

When the officer rewound the surveillance camera to Nov. 5, he found video of a man biking to the restaurant, entering a shed and removing items. The man then went into a bathroom, came out naked and sat down at a picnic table and ate a meal he brought with him -- Maruchan Instant Lunch ramen, the newspaper reported.

The man then played the bongos -- while still naked -- and then rode off on a bicycle, the Times reported.

“He came in with pants on but he rode off on the bike without pants,” Chattaway server Chad Pearson told the newspaper. “I’m not sure if he took his pants with him but we didn't find them. We still don't know where his pants are.”

The owners of the restaurant do know who the naked diner is -- Robert Brown, who plays guitar at The Chattaway.

"He's a great musician. And you know, I think he needs that chance" Chattaway co-owner Winona Kitto told WFLA.

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“It's kind of a little embarrassing what happened,” Brown told the television station. “Winona said that I could use the restroom, park my car here and I did have some equipment in the back room there.

"I knew I had access to the restroom. So I went in and I cleaned myself up," Brown told WFLA. "Washed my clothes. And apparently that's when I was naked."

After eating his meal and the musical interlude, Brown straightened out the storage shed, returning the items he took out. He also left a supply of ramen noodles, the television station reported.

Police are still searching for the thief who broke into the restaurant Nov. 6. As for Brown, who lives out of his broken-down car, Chattaway co-owner Amanda Kitto said no charges would be filed, the Times reported.

“His goal was to not break in, his goal was to just hang out at The Chattaway," she told the newspaper.

Brown has gotten plenty of attention for his antics.

"I'm OK with it. I just hope he's OK with it," Winona Kitto told WFLA. "I mean, not everybody wants to show their fabulous tush, you know?"

“I'm looking for work,” Brown told the television station. “I want to work.”

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