Man runs into Walgreens, grabs fire extinguisher to put out truck blaze

A South Florida man acted quickly to put out a vehicle fire Tuesday night, using a fire extinguisher he grabbed from a nearby Walgreens, WLPG reported.

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Michael Donohue was talking in the parking lot of the Walgreens in Fort Lauderdale with his friend, Beth Fuller, when a truck burst into flames in the middle of the road, the television station reported.

"All the sudden I look up ... a truck pulled up and it was on fire. The whole front end was on fire," Fuller told WPLG. "The next thing I know he get out of the truck and runs to Walgreens. Next thing, I see he's running across the street and then he puts the fire and runs back to the truck like nothing happened."

Donohue said other bystanders pulled the driver from the truck. Donohue told WPLG that he checked the truck to make sure the driver's personal items inside the vehicle were not destroyed.

"It looked dangerous or whatever but first thing was ‘Can I help this person out?’” Donohue said.

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