WATCH: Man pulls large snake from gas pump

Video shows a Georgia man pulling a snake out of a gas pump, and he said it was “no big deal.”

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Brandon Radke said that he took precautions to make sure the snake didn't bite him and that the feat was easy because he and snakes get along just fine.

“I love snakes,” Radke said.

Onlookers at the Cowboys Shell Gas Station in Cedartown, Georgia, watched in shock as Radke pulled a 3- to 4-foot snake out of a pump.

Radke said he saw a commotion near the pumps and was told a snake was inside.

Radke said he used the pump’s  nozzle to move the snake around so he could grab it behind the head to safely remove it.

“Once you grab behind the head, it can’t really reach around and get you,” Radke said.

He says he had to work to pull it out, but he finally got it.

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Customers said they could have never done what Radke did.

“I'd take off running,” Tammy Gault said.

“This old man would have a heart attack,” Pete Gault added.

Radke took the snake out back in the woods and released it.

He says it was a nonpoisonous rat snake, but he wrapped his shirt around his hands just in case it tried to bite him.

Watch raw video of the snake being pulled from the pump below.

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