Silo collapse in New Carlisle: Facts and figures you should know

Jan 23, 2018
  • By Keisha Rowe
  • Staff Writer

Officials are still cleaning up following a grain silo collapse which happened late Sunday night in New Carlisle.

The collapse caused 10,000 tons of corn to spill onto Ohio 571, a major road in the city. The roadway is expected to be blocked until Wednesday at the earliest. Until the road is cleared, the Ohio Department of Transportation is recommending drivers take Ohio 201 to U.S. 40, then to Ohio 235 as a detour.

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To put things in perspective, here are some facts about how much impact 10,000 tons of corn can have.

1,500: The amount of corn in pounds the average American eats per year. Corn and corn-based products are in a vast majority of food we eat, from potato chips fried in corn oil to the corn syrup present in carbonated drinks.

13,333: The number of people that amount of corn can feed for an entire year.

357,142: The number of bushels of corn that spilled on the roadway.

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$1.25 million: The estimated value of that amount of corn at today’s physical market prices.

3,448,276: The number of chickens it would take to equal the same amount of weight.

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142,857,143: The total cups of popped popcorn someone can make out of 10,000 tons of kernels.

4,903: The total number of full-sized cars that would equate to 10,000 tons.