Deputies: Video shows 'one of the worst burglars seen in quite a while'

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Video Shows 'One Of The Worst Burglars Seen In Quite A While,' According To Deputies

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

The Pierce County Sheriff's Office in Washington State, posted a video on its Facebook showing what deputies call "one of the worst burglars seen in quite a while."

But deputies are still looking for the man who tried to break into the Hard Luck Bar and Grill in Parkland.

Here’s how Pierce County Sheriff’s Department explained the bumbling burglary in its Facebook page:

The suspect tried to smash in window by throwing a rock (FAIL), then by kicking the window (FAIL), and punching the window (FAIL), and body slamming the window (FAIL), and finally kicking it a few more times until it finally broke.
The suspect then climbed through the broken window (FAIL), tried to steal pull tabs from behind the bar (FAIL), tried to pry open the cash register (FAIL), thought about stealing something from the storage room (FAIL), then finally climbed out a roof vent and off the roof, then ran away.

Anyone with information should contact the sheriff’s office at 253-798-7530.

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