Outage closes 3 schools, thousands without power in Springfield

Two Springfield City schools were closed for the day and about 3,300 were without power for several hours across Clark County due to an outage Monday morning.

The Clark Center, which has preschool classrooms and is home to the district’s administrative offices, and Snyder Park Elementary School closed Monday.

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Springfield City Schools acted as quickly as possible when administrators learned of the power outage, Superintendent Bob Hill said.

“This is never easy,” he said. “It’s not easy for our families, it’s not easy on our staff. But ultimately we want to do what is best and safe for our kids.”

The schools are expected to reopen tomorrow morning, he said.

Also affected Monday morning was Rockway School in the Clark-Shawnee Local Schools district, although classes remained in session. A district spokeswoman said buses were already out on their routes when the power went out and finished their pickups. The school had temporary provisions for lighting and meal prep so the school remained open.

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Ohio Edison’s website reports that about 2,200 customers in Springfield were without power, with about 1,100 more around Clark County with no electricity. The reason for the outage is believed to be a raccoon, Ohio Edison spokesman Mark Durbin said.

“At 7:20 a.m. this morning it appears a raccoon got into one of our substation over on West National Road,” Durbin with said.

The raccoon caused the substation to short circuit, killing it and leaving thousands without power, Durbin said. Ohio Edison workers were able to switch those who lost electricity to different circuits and restored power before 11 a.m., he said.

Several traffic lights are reported as out as well, including at the intersection of West Main Street and South Bechtle Avenue in Springfield.

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