Norm Kelly
Norm Kelly

Wow....10 years and counting!  Can't believe I've been a part of the K99.1 FM and Cox Media Group family for that long already, but as they say, time flies when you're having fun.

After serving as the full-time Afternoon Drive host for several years on K99, I transitioned into a new role as Commercial Production Director, overseeing the commercial production of all Cox Media Group's radio stations here in Dayton. I even pitch in to help out the production team at Channel 7 when needed. While I miss being on the air daily, I'm happy to still do a brief, but fun, Saturday morning shift from 6am-9am on K99.

Originally hailing from South Bend, I love everything Notre Dame (especially football, of course!)  I'm getting really tired of counting up the years since our last National Championship (1988), ouch!  I just love college footbal in general and relish Saturdays in Fall when I can watch games all day.  I played college baseball at the University of Northern Iowa and have some great memories from that.  We got hammered during our spring trips down south, but I got to play against some future major league players and got to see some awesome college stadiums where they take their baseball VERY seriously.

I have a wife (an Iowa girl I met in college) along with two "girls" (female cats) who have me pretty much wrapped around their paws. Hey, when you dont' have kids, I guess your pets are that much more important to you.

In my spare time, I like to hit the golf course, watch a lot of reality TV (yeah, I'm a sucker for some of that stuff), and make a few extra bucks doing freelance voiceovers from my home recording studio.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, and thanks for making K99 a part of your busy life!

Wow!....has it really been five years already? Hard for me to believe I've been on the air here at K99.1FM for that long already. My wife and I, both Midwesteners (her from Iowa and me from South Bend, Indiana), had been living in the Mid-Atlantic area for several years before coming here to the Dayton area back in late 2005. We both love being much closer to our families now, and I actually live in the same hometown as my favorite college basketball player ever, John Paxson, who grew up in Kettering! (I wasn't even thinking about that when we bought our house, but I think it's kinda cool how it worked out.) On top of doing a weekend shift on K99.1FM, I also serve as the Production Director for Cox Media Group Ohio, writing and producing many of the commercials you hear on K99.1FM, WHIO Radio, and The New 95.3 The Eagle. My wife is a Director at a child care center in Centerville and loves what she does, and I'm happy she does. Happy wife = nice home. Speaking of home, ours is without real kids unfortunately, but ask our friends and they'll tell you we treat our two cats like they are our kids. I suppose that's true, and the bonus for us is no expenses for braces or college! Spare time? Don't have much of it since I also do freelance Voiceover work on the side out of my home studio, but what I do have is spent watching quite a bit of TV (sports, home shows, animal shows), spending too much time on the internet, and working on my Wii Sports Resort golf game, so I can hopefully beat my brother-in-law next time I see him. Saturdays and Sundays in the Fall/Winter mean football in my house. Irish football on Saturdays and pretty much whatever Pro game is on is fine with me. We also log a decent amount of travel time, going to see parents in Indiana and Iowa throughout the year. Anyway, thanks for listening, and feel free to drop me an e-mail anytime.

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