Couple buying new car changes lives of woman, foster children with generous gift

A Georgia couple who went to buy a car instead ended up changing one family's life.

The couple, who wish to go unnamed, were at Steve Rayman Chevrolet when their daughter noticed a woman with a baby and said, "Wow, she is so cute and so small." She asked the woman how old the baby was, noting that the baby appeared to be just a few days old.

Maria Light said the baby was indeed just a few days old – and alcohol dependent.

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“Her real birth mother dropped her off at the hospital and didn't want the baby anymore,” Light explained.

Light too was hoping to buy a car at the dealership and had been there for some time to see if she could get approved. Wanting to help in some way, the customer’s daughter asked if she could hold her adorable baby.

When her parents walked out and saw the baby in her arms, they too started talking with Light about the infant, and also about her trying to buy a car.

Light told the family that she fosters six children.

Immediately, the couple wanted to help. They had already traded in the car they owned, worth $10,000, and were getting ready to leave in a new car. But that didn’t matter.

The man turned to Light and said, “I want to give you my car and still buy the new car.”

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“So we did the whole deal over and all the paperwork," said Steve Rayman of Steve Rayman Chevrolet. "And these folks just gave the customer their trade-in for free."

But even after that, Rayman said he had a gut feeling he also needed to do something for Light.

He felt for Light, because of her situation and having to pay for everything else, including a title ad valorem tax, emission, tags and plates, before she could drive the car home with her baby.

So Rayman decided to pay for all of that personally.

“It was such an incredible gesture from someone that didn't ever lay eyes on this person before but due to circumstance wanted to help," Rayman said. "It was fantastic. The least I could do would be to pay for all the other things to help this lady that does so much for kids like this and it broke my heart."

Steve Rayman Chevrolet has set up a GoFundMe account for those who would like to donate. Steve Rayman Chevrolet said those unable to donate money can drop off or mail what you wish for the children at the dealership.

The address is:

Steve Rayman Chevrolet
Atnn: Maria Light Donations
2155 Cobb Parkway SE
Smyrna, Georgia

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