54 surgeries later, FedEx shooting victim finally home

He was seriously injured when a gunman opened fire in a FedEx facility in Kennesaw, Georgia, and now, Christopher Sparkman is opening up about what happened to him and six of his co-workers that day.

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By his side the whole time was his wife, Jamie Lynn.

“Chris and I met in June of 2012,” she said.

Jamie Lynn said the two of them fell hard for each other.

Their love story played out on a video during Easter services at the West Ridge Church in Paulding County over the weekend.

The video also included the moment that broke their hearts. The video played out the conversation Christopher had with the 911 dispatcher that day.

Dispatcher: "What is your name?"

Christopher: "Christopher Sparkman. I'm losing energy really fast."

Dispatcher: "Stay on the line with me."

Christopher: "Please tell my wife I love her."

The army veteran was a security guard at the FedEx facility in Kennesaw,when almost three years ago, a troubled worker shot him and six other people.

Now, he's finally strong enough to talk about it.

“I knew I needed to call 911. I put my hand on my wound to stop the bleeding so I could last long enough to make the call,” Christopher said.

“It was like God was telling me, 'This is what you're going to fight for. You need to fight.' We hadn't even been married for a year,” wife Jamie Lynn said.

Teams of doctors and nurses have been trying to get Christopher back on his feet, and through dozens of setbacks, repair his splintered abdomen.

“From the very first moment of the shooting, God's faithfulness was there giving me grace so I could learn how to forgive the shooter,” Christopher said.

And after 54 surgeries, some encouraging news. Christopher and Jamie Lynn are finally home.

“Two weeks after Chris' surgery in February 2017 we got news that we have been dreaming of hearing for three years: no leaks,” Jamie Lynn said. “Are we probably going to spend a lot of time in hospitals? Yeah, but are we together? Yeah. We're stronger than we've ever been."

Channel 2's Linda Stouffer spoke to the Sparkmans' attorney. They are suing for lost wages and medical support from FedEx and other companies.

The case is set to go to trial in December.

You can keep up with Christopher's progress through his wife's blog.

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