Bullet from Fourth of July celebration pierces roof and lands on bed


Credit: KIRO7.com

A bullet apparently shot into the air during a Fourth of July celebration came right through a roof in University Place and landed on an unoccupied bed.

Kate Bautista took a photo of a bullet on the guest bed in her parents' home.

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She and her girlfriend, Jenna Davis, said they discovered it July 5 after returning from a holiday camping trip.

"It took a minute to process what we were looking at. Once we saw it was a bullet and saw the hole in the ceiling, we realized that obviously a bullet came through," Bautista said.

Deputies with the Pierce County Sheriff's Department think someone fired a gun into the air to celebrate the Fourth of July.

"When you have the laws of gravity and a powerful projectile through the air, it's going to come down to rest somewhere. Whether you aim it straight up or at a slight angle, someone's in danger the minute you pull that trigger," said Detective Sergeant Jerry Bates, of the Sheriff's Department.

Bautista's parents were home at the time, but didn't notice anything because so many people in the neighborhood were lighting fireworks.

"It's just shocking, and I think people need to be more responsible if you own a gun and not think it's OK to celebrate by shooting a few rounds in the air," Bautista said.

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