Woman with cerebral palsy shares sweet marriage proposal

It’s a day every girl dreams about: Engagement day. And for one Atlanta native who has cerebral palsy, it was no different.

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Erin Breedlove, 26, first met her fiancé Robby Gill in June 2016 while working at Georgia Tech.

She said she "instantly felt an indescribable connection."

The two had their very first date at a Mexican cantina, where Gill proposed to Breedlove just last week. The beautiful moment was captured by friends and family.

“I knew something was coming because we had discussed it, but I was totally surprised as to when and where,” Breedlove said. “He pulled it off, and it was amazing.”

Hands shaking, Breedlove said that she has always been in awe of the amazing man that will be her husband – and couldn’t stop crying.

“I was overjoyed that a man like him would choose a woman like me to be his life partner,” Breedlove said.

Breedlove said she still looks down at her hand in awe of him, of them, and of their beautifully woven story.

The couple said they are not sure when they'll officially tie the knot, but said it will likely be in the next 18 months to give them some time to enjoy, plan and get settled.

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