Ely Serna is shown entering court room Friday morning.

Judge to rule on West Liberty-Salem school shooting suspect competency

Logan Cole says he is starting to feel better after being shot twice during the West Liberty-Salem school shooting.

“I have started to go to lifting for soccer now that I am going to school full time,” Logan said Friday after he and his father attended a competency hearing for his alleged shooter, 17-year old Ely Serna.

“I am a little limited,” he said. “I can’t do squats. I won’t be able to put direct pressure on my back for a few months, but other than that I am pretty back to normal.”

Logan was the most-injured victim in a school shooting where authorities said Serna brought a shotgun to school. Serna was arrested after shooting at Logan and in the school’s hallway.

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Champaign County Juvenile Court Judge Lori Reisigner did not rule Friday in the matter of Serna’s competency. The court ordered the competency hearing after the defense requested one without state objection.

Two psychologists testified at the hearing. The defense called Jolie Brams, of Columbus, and the state called Daniel Hrinko of Springfield.

The media was not allowed to be in the courtroom for the psychologist’s testimony as the judge ruled previously ruled that Serna’s medical information would be shielded from public disclosure during the trial. The media was allowed to cover other testimony, including any by teachers or parents. West-Liberty Salem school staff were in the Champaign County Courthouse hallways during the hearing, but none were called to testify.

Reisigner decided to take both parties arguments under advisement and said she expected to rule on the matter within 15 days.

Champaign County Prosecutor Kevin Talebi declined comment outside the courtroom.

Logan, now without a back brace, attended the hearing Friday. He said getting the brace off on April 20 was a major relief.

“I felt like it was really the end of my major recovery,” Logan said. “I’ll be recovering for the next who knows how long, maybe the rest of my life, but I feel like it was the end of it because right when I took the brace off was when the wounds finally fully healed up so that was nice.”

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His father, Ryan Cole, said it is nice to see that his son is recovering.

“It means he can get back to normality,” he said. “Sports, just get back to a somewhat normal life. That is the most exciting thing.”

Logan is still battling some lead issues in his system, a result of 100 shot-gun pellets remaining in his body. He said most people have lead levels between 0 and 5, but he levels in the 40s. He said he does not become sick because of the levels, but it could cause him damage later on in life if they don’t go down.

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Logan nor his father said they were allowed to talk about what happened in the courtroom. The Logan’s have previously said they support Serna’s family and offered them prayers.