Greenon working to improve report card scores

Greenon Local Schools struggled on their most recent state report card but district leaders say they are working to get better.

Greenon Superintendent Brad Silvus said data is being analyzed to figure out where the district needs to improve.

“It’s one of those things that we continue to work on and we are really looking at the data and see what areas we needed to keep a focus on,” Silvus said. “Teachers are looking and diving into that data and what else we need to do.”

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The district scored an A in graduation rate but did not score anything over a C anywhere else. It finished with two Cs, two Ds and five Fs.

“This was our first year taking the test all online,” Silvus said. “We kind of expected a dip in the scores because it is a new process for the kids.”

The state legislator has been criticized by school leaders throughout Clark and Champaign counties for continuing to change the test students take for state report cards. Students have taken a different type of test three of the last four years and this year students began using chrome books to take the tests, Silvus said.

“We were pretty happy that we were able to maintain across the board this first time,” he said.

One area of the report card Greenon did well in was the kindergarten through third-grade literacy portion. While having third graders take the test on a computer was a struggle, Silvus said, the school did score higher than it did last year.

“That is a big one,” Silvus said. “If we score well with that early, it tends to affect every subject.”

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Silvus also said he was happy with the graduation rate. The school has a tradition of graduating students and making sure they are prepared for after they get out of high school.

“The way I approach (report cards) is we need to concentrate to make the best instruction that we can,” Silvus said. “We need to focus on what we can control and that is in the classroom every day.”

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