Greenon 8th grader meets Vice President Mike Pence

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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A local eighth-grade student from Greenon Local Schools met Vice President Mike Pence.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Greenon eighth grade student met Vice President Mike Pence by chance Tuesday afternoon at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Blake Dray is on the trip with the rest of his eighth grade class this week. He was taking in the sights at the Capitol rotunda, a popular tourist site, when the vice president made his way through.

“The tour guide told us the vice president might be walking through,” his teacher, Cathy Turner said. “We were just sitting there waiting and then all of sudden all these guys in suits and police officers started to come out and were roped off.”

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Soon after, the vice president walked in and started to shake hands with visitors, including spending a couple minutes with Blake.

“We talked about the George Washington painting on the wall and why it is so important for our country’s history,” Blake said. “He was a really nice guy.”

The vice president seemed interested in the conversation, Blake said. Turner said Pence gave the youth a special moment he will never forget.

“He got down, leaned over and shook his hand,” Turner said. “He spent a lot of time with Blake. This is something Blake will be able to tell his grandchildren about.”

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The two are on the trip as part of the annual Greenon eighth grade trip. Turner said eighth grade Greenon students have gone to Washington for the last several years — but no one has had an experience quite like Blake’s.

“We are very proud of Blake and how he represented himself and our school to the vice president,” Turner said.

The group has also visited some of the many monuments, a Smithsonian museum and the Washington Zoo.

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