Alamo on list for ‘worst tourist trap’ in Texas

The Alamo has been called a lot of things.

A pivotal battle site of the Texas Revolution. The state's most beloved historical landmark. Once, in jest (and in an attempt to win a taco war), "an old adobe shed that takes 10 minutes to stroll through" by the American-Statesman's Eric Webb.

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Even that doesn't cut as sharply as a recent Business Insider list that dubbed the fortress Texas' "worst tourist trap." The publication identified a landmark in each state, like Graceland in Tennessee and Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, that "disappoints" and "should be avoided at all costs," differentiating them between "legendary landmarks that everyone should see."

Although we like to keep a friendly rivalry going with our I-35 neighbor, its hard to deny the historical significance of the Battle of the Alamo and what remains (no matter how little) of the mission where it was held.

“Remember the Alamo? More like, spend a day at the Alamo and you'll remember to never go back,” the list says of the landmark. It also says “looking at a picture will suffice” because the “remains are so small they consistently disappoint visitors.”

Always remember the Alamo, Texans. And forget you, Business Insider. Check off which of the "worst tourist traps" you've visited by scrolling through the entire list here.

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