Giant excavator used to save tiny, stuck baby deer

He was surprised when he found a couple of young deer instead of troublemakers or criminals.

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The two stumbled onto his property and got stuck in the heavy mud and dirt of tilled land.

Thankfully, the quick-thinking Davis and a coworker knew that they had the equipment on hand to save the deer's lives.

With some guidance from Davis, an excavator operator gently scoops up one of the deer, along with a good amount of the dirt around it.

Moving slowly, he spins the bucket around and empties the load gradually onto the ground.

Slightly dazed but unharmed, the teeny deer trots off into the woods free of the mountain of muck.

Davis recorded the rescue and posted the video to Facebook March 26.

It has over 193,000 views.

Watch the video below:

Found a couple yearling black tail deer stuck in some mud! Couldn't watch them struggle!

Posted by Bill Davis on Saturday, March 26, 2016