3-foot ball python slithers into Michigan car dealership

Credit: Morguefile

Credit: Morguefile

A 3-foot ball python slithered onto the property of a suburban Detroit car dealership Wednesday, WXYZ reported.

"I'm relaxing and heard banging on the door," Ferndale Honda sales manager Eric Hay told WDIV. "I saw a customer standing out there and I'm wondering why he's banging on the door."

Hay said he noticed the customer gesturing toward the snake.

"The customer is out there going, 'I know,' and I was saying, 'Oh, my gosh,'" Hay told WDIV.

"Wow, a python," service advisor Cliff Howard told WDIV.

According to the Michigan Humane Society, the snake is tame and likely was a pet that escaped from someone's house, WXYZ reported.

The humane society said the snake was brought to the Rochester Hills Center for Animal Care by Detroit Zoo officials. Society officials said it has found homes for 15 ball pythons since 2010, WXYZ reported.

The snake never got inside the dealership, but the workers did not want to see it get hurt, WDIV reported.

"Ferndale police, God love them, but they say they work on dogs only," Hay told the television station. "We called the zoo."

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