Enon, Bethel Twp. groups work to help local families through holidays

As we enter November, the spirit of giving grows in our hearts.

For many of us sharing the bounty and giving to others in need has become a big part of the holiday celebration.

In western Clark County two organizations lead the way as they help our neighbors: Bethel Churches United and Enon Emergency Relief.

Over the years these organizations have grown from closets at churches to having their own buildings and coordinating giving for the whole community.

This weekend both organizations are holding their last sign-up opportunities for Christmas assistance baskets.

Bethel Churches United helps folks living in the Tecumseh School District, New Carlisle, Park Layne, Donnelsville, Medway, Bethel Township, and the surrounding farmlands.

Those requesting assistance may personally sign up at the Bethel United Pantry, 226 Pike Street, in New Carlisle. This location is next door to the south side of the First Methodist Church. And there is plenty of parking. Forms may be filled out inside the building or in the privacy of personal vehicles.

The BCU Christmas Food Basket applications may be filled out on Friday, Nov. 4, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and on Saturday, Nov. 5, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Applicants will just need to bring proof of residency in Bethel Township, Clark County. (Please note New Carlisle, Park Layne, Donnelsville, and Medway are all within Bethel Township,)

In addition they will need to bring proof of ID for anyone in the household, including children.

“Acceptable forms of ID include driver’s license, state ID, children’s birth certificates, Social Security cards, Medicare cards, etc.” according to the organization.

Additional opportunities only for residents of the senior centers on Lake and Sunrise Terrace will happen in person on Nov. 10 and 14 from 10 a.m. to noon.

For more information about these requirements, contact robmican@aol.com or Robyn Anderson (937) 620-9627. The Bethel Churches United Facebook page is also a big help. It has all this information in Spanish.

Each applicant will walk away with information on their basket assignments on the day of application. According to Anderson, these will not be mailed as in the past.

Enon’s Community Christmas Assistance is for those living in the Greenon Local School District and not eligible for other Christmas programs.

Enon Relief will have one more sign up for Christmas Baskets on Saturday, Nov. 5, from 10 a.m. to noon at Knob Prairie Church, 203 W. Main St., Enon, or at 105 Scott St. – near the base of the Enon water tower. Call 937-864-5555 to confirm location. They also have all this information on their Facebook page.

Note that the list of required paperwork for Enon Relief is different from the list at Bethel.

“Information needed: 1) You must sign up in person with picture identification and proof of residency (for example - a current utility bill) 2) Custodial parent/grandparents must show court documents. 3) Full name, ages, and current sizes of children. 4) Contact phone number and an alternate number.”

Those with questions may call 937-864-5555 and leave a message.

Both Enon Relief and Bethel Churches United will be pleased to accept monetary donations or donations of pantry items.

Check out the Facebook pages of these organizations for a list of needs.

It is difficult to reach all our neighbors in need. These organizations do their best publicizing and getting the word out to those who could use these Christmas baskets. However, there is always someone who for some reason doesn’t see the posters or get the word.

It is my hope that by putting this information in my column that you dear readers will assist in getting the word to all those who might need a bit of help.

After all we’ve all been there or had friends or family struggling to make ends meet. In addition, inflation is complicating life right now and messing up even the most careful budgets.

If you know anyone in this situation in Bethel Township or the Greenon School District, please share this column and the contact information with them. Thank you.

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