Parents outraged after 'animal pornography' video shown to elementary school students

Parents in one Kentucky county are upset that an inappropriate YouTube video was shown to their elementary school students.

Heather Prushing told WKYT that she considered the video to be "animal pornography." Her 11-year-old daughter saw the video, which was shown by a Spanish teacher.

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The controversial video is a low-budget production, featuring people in animal costumes walking down a  mock runway to music by the likes of The Doors and the Beastie Boys. In one scene, there is a simulated sexual act between a chicken and a cow. Spanish is spoken in some scenes.

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The video was shown in several Spanish classrooms at two different schools over the last several days. Children told their parents about the video's content, which prompted calls to school officials. Brian Creasman, Fleming County Schools Superintendent, wrote a letter to parents, saying the video was not part of the approved curriculum and was not appropriate for elementary school children to watch. Creasman said an investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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