Dog lost during windstorm found 2 years later

A dog lost two years ago in a massive windstorm has been reunited with its owner, KHQ reported.

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Shanley Heinsma let her husky, Shadow, out of the house during the storm in Spokane, Washington. That was the last time she saw the dog.

Heinsma posted the dog’s photo on Facebook and put up posters hoping that someone might have found it. Last Wednesday, she saw a post for a missing husky, and it had Shadow’s distinctive markings.

“I told my fiance, I'm like, there's just no way right? It's been so long," she told KHQ.

After comparing photographs, it turned out to be the missing dog. Shadow and Heinsma are back together.

"Other people that lose their animals, don't ever give up," she told KHQ. "The more you get your word out there the more people that know you're searching."

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