Woman gets prison for attacking teen niece with razor blade

A woman is facing three years in prison after she was convicted Thursday of attacking her niece with a razor blade during a family argument, a Douglas County prosecutor’s spokesman said.

Melissa Sue Handy was 36 when the incident happened in 2015, Douglas County District Attorney’s Office Spokesman David Emadi said Tuesday in a statement.

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Handy and other family members were visiting a friend when an argument among several relatives broke out, Emadi said. It escalated when Handy made “disparaging” remarks about one of the children.

The niece, who was 16, defended the child, and Handy directed threats and profanities at her, according to the release.

“The argument escalated even further when (Handy) ... used a razor blade during the altercation to injure her by slicing her right arm all the way down to the muscle,” the release said.

Handy also tried to convince her niece not to cooperate with authorities, Emadi said. However, the victim testified in the trial.

Handy was convicted of cruelty to children and battery in violation of the Family Violence Act. After her prison term, she will be on probation for 17 years.

“We will remain vigilant in protecting those who are the most vulnerable members of our community,” District Attorney Brian Fortner said. “Our children.”

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