Springfield woman charged in fight over ATVs, alleged beating threat

A woman has been charged after police said she was video taped starting a verbal altercation with a man over all-terrain vehicles.

Stacie Vanbeber, 39, of Springfield, appeared in Clark County Municipal Court on Wednesday to face a misdemeanor menacing charge. Court records say the charge stems from an argument on April 19 with a neighbor who wants Vanbeber to stop allowing people to ride ATVs on her property.

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“(The reportee) stated that on this date Ms. Vanbeber was allowing subjects to ride an ATV in her backyard, the sound of which annoys (the reportee),” a Springfield police officer wrote. “(The reportee) has made numerous complaints to the police department over the past year.”

The affidavit says Vanbeber had been cited twice for allowing the riding to go on. The reportee said he was video taping the ATV riding when two men and Vanbeber started coming toward him and cussing at him. Police alleged Vanbeber was caught on camera threatening the reportee, saying that she was going to “beat his ass.”

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