Police: Alleged squatter threatens TV crew with ax


A Tennessee man accused of living in a house that didn't belong to him didn't take kindly to a TV news crew who showed up on the property to ask questions.

A luxury log cabin in Mt. Juliet landed in foreclosure in 2012, and the title had passed to several different banks over the years, according to WTVF. The county tried to get the banks to take action on the abandoned property, but the request was ignored.

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When WTVF went to the home that they claim Jude Pischke had been residing in unlawfully for two years, the man was belligerent and refused to answer questions. After repeatedly swearing at the reporter, Pischke went to his truck and grabbed an ax, then came after the crew, video taken at the scene shows. WTVF left the premises and contacted police.

Pischke was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, according to the police report. He bonded out and continues to live at the home. NationStar, the current titleholder of the property, issued a statement to WTVF, saying they were "moving quickly" to evict Pischke and put the property up for sale.

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