Mother allegedly left infant on beach because it was 'incompatible' for love life

File photo of a beach
File photo of a beach

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Credit: Getty Images

A mother in France was in court this week after authorities said she brought her infant daughter to the beach in 2013 and left her by the tide, where she died, because "being a mother was incompatible with her love life."

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Fabienne Kabou, 39, traveled to Berck-sur-Mer in France with her daughter, Adélaïde, in November 2013 and allegedly breastfed the child on the beach the night before leaving her near the water as temperatures were dropping and the tide was rising, The Guardian reports. The girl's body was found the next day, but Kabou had already left the town. She told authorities she chose that specific town because "even the name sounded sad."

"I stopped at one point. She gave a small jump as if she'd just woken up. She was looking for my breast, I gave it to her," she told authorities, according to French media reports. "I remained standing and I clutched her against me and then, I don't know, I said: 'No, no, no.' I couldn't stop saying 'no,' I don't know why. I cried. It was as if I was saying to someone: 'I can't do something like that,' but I did it."

The Guardian reports Kabou told detectives that she had voices persuading her to perform the acts.

"Witchcraft. That's my default explanation because I have no other," she told the court, according to the newspaper. "For many years, I struggled to wake up in the morning. My feet were paralyzed. I had hallucinations, like seeing the walls that wouldn't stop shaking."

The Mirror Online reports Kabou also said motherhood was "incompatible" with her love life, which influenced the decision. She faces life in prison for premeditated murder if convicted.

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