Springfield man accused of causing disturbance in a Clifton Ave. home


A 52-year-old Springfield man has pleaded not guilty to a charge accusing him of causing a disturbance in a home in the 1000 block of Clifton Avenue.

Darrell Strickland was taken on Tuesday to the Clark County Jail on a single count of aggravated menacing, according to a police division incident report.

Strickland is accused of entering his nephew's home late Tuesday afternoon, waving a gun that was described as a German-type assault rifle.

The nephew, 38, called police and said he, his 6-year-old daughter, his uncle's wife and his uncle's mother were in the home at the time. According to the incident report, the victim told police he believed Strickland was intoxicated and threatened to shoot.

Strickland ran upstairs with the gun when police officers arrived, according to the report. Police set up a perimeter around the home and Sgt. Travis Baader was able to persuade Strickland to leave the home unarmed. Police, in searching the residence, found two BB rifles but did not find the weapons Strickland was said to have been waving around.

The BB guns are now in police division custody, according to the report.