Breadsticks as main entree? School parents upset in Indiana

Credit: Justin Sullivan

Credit: Justin Sullivan

Parents at an Indiana school are upset after learning their children were served two breadsticks as their main lunch entree this week, WCPO reported. But the state's department of education claimed it was a valid lunch option, the television station reported.

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One parent, whose child attends kindergarten at Greenfield Central Schools, said he has unhappy when his daughter's lunch this week included breadsticks, carrot coins and applesauce, WCPO reported.

“I just couldn’t believe that you could actually just give them regular breadsticks, you know, it has no nutritional value,” said the parent, who wished to remain anonymous. “A lot of kids, it’s their only meal of the day – they don’t get to go home and have a nice meal that a lot of our kids are blessed with.”

Parents may be miffed, but officials at the Indiana Department of Education called the meal a full lunch because it offers cheese dipping sauce.

"Cheese, per the USDA, is considered a protein and therefore we see schools that offer that sometimes as a protein," Department of Education press secretary Adam Baker told WCPO.

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