Mass. girl fights off fox attack while carrying groceries

One fox is being tested for rabies after biting two people in Beverly, Massachusetts, Monday.

One of the victims, Kayla Doig, was helping her father carry in the groceries when the animal grabbed on to her leg.

"After the first time it latched on I tried to run, and it was still hanging on and I kind of kicked it off and it kept coming back, and eventually I fell on the ground and was just kicking at it; trying to get it away,” she said.

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Kayla was forced to use anything she could grab to get the fox off of her leg – in this case that was a box of waffles and some K-Cups.

“This is just what she happened to have in her hands at the time,” her father, Bruce, said.

Bruce was inside when the fox pounced on his daughter.

"When I heard her start to scream I wasn't sure what was happening so I jumped out and when she came back around she had the fox attached to her leg,” Bruce said.

Kayla was rushed to the hospital where she received several painful rabies shots, and she will need additional treatment as a precaution.

The other victim Monday was a woman who had been gardening that morning.

Animal Control believes the fox is dead after being hit by a truck Tuesday morning. Tests are underway to determine if the fox was, in fact, rabid.

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