Bellefontaine schools resume most canceled bus routes

Beginning this morning, Bellefontaine City Schools will resume running most of the bus routes which were shut down earlier this week, Superintendent Brad Hall said in a notice on the school website.

The schools are resuming these routes by reassigning van drivers who were previously running special routes, calling in substitute bus drivers and having the schools' Transportation Supervisor Tammie Garman drive two routes herself.

However, due to a shortage of available drivers, two of the routes are not able to resume. Hall said the decision of which routes would not be running was based on the number of riders, so the routes with the least riders, Bus 3 (Jaguars) and Bus 9 (Kangaroos) will not be running.

Bus 5 (Cats), Bus 19 (Lions) and Bus 20 (Alligators) will begin running their normal routes.

Bus 11 (Elephants) and Bus 13 (Dogs) will run, but students are asked to be at the stop 10-12 minutes early.

Bus 12 (Horses) will run, but only for the elementary and intermediate schools, not for the middle school or high school.

Hall asked for residents to be patient with the substitute drivers, and said that they are working on a solution to the remaining inactive routes, but said the schools “cannot make any promises at this point.”

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