12-year-old boy praised for helping blind man cross busy street

But at first, she doubted it would happen.

Kristie Webb wrote about the incident and posted photos on Facebook. She said that she saw a blind man waiting to cross a busy intersection. Webb then saw a young man crossing the intersection, and thought to herself that there was a time when kids wouldn’t hesitate to help a blind person cross the street.

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That’s just what Jayden Denton, 12, had in mind, and he assisted the blind man, Terry Strader, navigate the crossing, according to WDAF.

Webb said the moment almost made her cry and made her heart swell with pride. “Thank God that kids like him still exist,” she wrote in her Facebook post.

So I was sitting at a red light on my way home this afternoon and noticed a blind gentleman standing on the corner...

Posted by Kristie Webb on Tuesday, October 4, 2016