Journalists from the combined Dayton Daily News, WHIO and newsroom share photos of and messages about their moms.

Our moms give great advice. Tell us the best advice your mom has given you

Dayton Daily News, WHIO and staff share some of their mom’s best advice.

Moms have been there and done that. 

We are grateful that they generously pass on what they have learned. 

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked our team from the Dayton Daily News, WHIO and newsrooms to share their mama bears’ best words of wisdom. 

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Does your mom give the best advice? 

Share a photo of the two of you together with us on Facebook and tell us something great she’s told you. 

Shane McKinney, the mother of WHIO-TV anchor and reporter Gabrielle Enright

Shane McKinney, the mother of Gabrielle Enright
Photo: Gabrielle Enright

Gabrielle said: 

My mom taught me to dream big but be practical. Work hard and be kind to all living creatures.” 

Shane McKinney, the mother of Gabrielle Enright

Blanca Zamarron, the mother of Dayton Daily News page designer Adrian Zamarron

Blanca Zamarron and her son and Adrian Zamarron, a page designer.
Photo: Submitted

Adrian said: 

“Not really advice. More like her way of keeping me calm. Comes up from time to time and has done the trick.  

‘Mijo. No te preocupes. Primero Dios. El resto se resolvera.’  Basically: ‘Son. Don’t worry. First, God. The rest will work itself out’.

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Ellen Doyle, mother of Cory Frolik, Dayton Daily News reporter  

Reporter Cory Frolik and his mother, Ellen Doyle.
Photo: Submitted

Cory said: 
“My mermes (nickname for her) told me there will always be people smarter than you. But the trick is you can out work them. I don’t always follow this advice, but it’s definitely good.”

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Colleen Cano, mother of Kelsey Lambers, breaking news team & assignment desk manager

Breaking News Team & Assignment Desk Manager Kelsey Cano and her mom, Colleen Cano.
Photo: Submitted

Kelsey said:  

“My mom, Colleen Cano, has always told me to work hard for my dreams, and that hard work would pay off. When self-doubt starts to creep in, she reminds me of my accomplishments and tells me she believes in me. She often gives me the push I need to believe in myself as a professional, as a wife and as a mother.”

Carolyne Meeks, the late mother of Dayton Daily News copy editor and page designer Steve Morrison

Copy Editor Steve Morrison and his late mother, Carolyne Meeks.

Steve  said: 

“Give them what they want and a little bit more.” (on the subject of employers) .

“You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”  

Bonus (not advice, just a mom-ism): 

Me: Mom, where are we going? 

Mom: Crazy, and you’re driving.

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Jeannine Hollst, the mother of WHIO Radio host Todd Hollst

Radio host Todd Hollst and his mom, Jeannine Hollst.
Photo: Submitted

Todd said: 

“My mother’s best advice came in the form of her own actions; work hard, stand-up for yourself and take the long view. Moments and emotions are fleeting — think long term about your goals and be consistent with how you complete your tasks. My mother has more patience and determination than anyone I know.” 

Tina Hoskins, the mother of Jenna Pichot, a Cox Media Group Ohio digital audience specialist

Tina Hoskins and her daughter Jenna Pichot, a Cox Media Group Ohio digital audience specialist
Photo: Submitted

Jenna said: 

“My mom has taught me by example to never be afraid to do anything and to always make everyone feel included. I love those things about her and try to apply that advice in my life.”

Mary Jablonski, mother of David Jablonski, Dayton Daily News sports writer

Sports writer David Jablonski and his mom, Mary Jablonski.
Photo: Submitted

David said:  

"The best recent advice my mom, Mary Jablonski, gave me was, ‘It will get easier,’ in regards to caring for my infant son, Chase. The first month was hard, but it has gotten easier in most ways now that he's nine months old."

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Jackie Wedell, the mother of Katie Wedell, a Dayton Daily News reporter 

Reporter Katie Wedell and her mother Jackie Wedell.

Katie said: 

“My mom is an expert traveler. She’s spending this Mother’s Day in Africa with my dad and friends. Best advice: Always pack a change of clothes and your swimsuit in your carry-on so if your luggage gets lost your vacation isn’t ruined.”

Reporter Katie Wedell and her mother Jackie Wedell.
Photo: Submitted

Susan Lanka, the mother of Rachel Lanka, a digital product manager

Digital Product Manager Rachel Lanka and her mother, Susan Lanka.
Photo: Submitted

Rachel said: 

“The best advice my mom has given me is: if you think it doesn’t fit in the dishwasher, you’re probably not trying hard enough. The older I get, the clearer it is that this doesn’t just apply to the dishwasher. If there’s ever anything in life you think won’t work, you’re probably not trying hard enough.” 

Jenny Cudahy, the mother of WHIO reporter Sean Cudahy

Reporter Sean Cudahy and his mother, Jenny Cudahy.
Photo: Submitted

Sean said:

“My mom has a line she often uses as a reminder that we need to be prepared and be comfortable with things not always going the way we plan. She always says, ‘life is about Plan B’.” 

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Janet Davis, mother of  WHIO videographer Nathan Davis

Videographer Nathan Davis' mother, Janet Davis.
Photo: Submitted

Nathan said: 

“’You can have your moment, just don’t get stuck in it’ and ‘Proper planning prevents poor performance’.”

 Winnie Johnson, mother of anchor and reporter Kate Bartley

Winnie Johnson with Kate Bartley and two-year-old Charlie.

Kate said: 

“My mom is my biggest source of inspiration and advice, but one phrase I'll hear forever in her voice: ‘Just because you can, doesn't mean you should’.”

Dorothy McHenry, the mother of WHIO anchor Cheryl McHenry 

Cheryl said:

“My mom died of breast cancer 50 years ago when I was 12. She was 40. I have no pictures of the two of us. 

However, she taught me many things and what I remember most about her is how friendly she was to everyone. My dad was in the Air Force and we moved around some, but it never took my mom very long to get to know people and make friends. I’ve always tried to emulate her.”

Rose Call, the mother of Cox Media Group marketing manager Barbara Kedziora

Rose Call (center). Call is the mother of Cox Media Group marketing manager Barbara Kedziora.
Photo: Submitted

Barbara said:

“My mom, Rose Call, is not a real advice-giver. She doesn’t really say what to do, but you get the message that it’s a good idea to pay attention. If you can handle something, take care of it. No whining. If you don’t want to get left behind in a store, keep up. I think her best advice boils down to ‘Don’t be a baby’.”

Mary Hansgen, the mother of WHIO Radio host Larry Hansgen

Mary Hansgen, the mother of WHIO Radio host Larry Hansgen.
Photo: Submitted

Larry said: 

My mom taught me to be patient, and slow to anger. She also was, and still is, very thrifty. I would go to the grocery store with her, and to this day I am good at finding bargains there.”

Radio host Larry Hansgen as a boy.
Photo: Submitted

Candy Zontini, the mother of Kirstie Zontini, WHIO-TV morning meteorologist and podcast co-host 

Meteorologist Kirstie Zontini and her mom, Candy Zontini!

Kirstie said:

My mom celebrated 40 years of marriage this year and has been a great example to me of what marriage can be. She always taught me to treat others how you want to be treated. That applies to friends, coworkers, your spouse or even strangers.

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Mary Lawrence, the mother of editorial assistant Amy Burzynski

Editorial assistant Amy Burzynski (second to right) with her siblings and mother, Mary Lawrence (middle).
Photo: Submitted

Amy said:

“My mother, Mary Lawrence’s, best advice to me was to enjoy each moment I have with my kids. From blowing bubbles outside on a summer day, making snow forts in the winter, to driving to and from and watching countless sporting events, to graduations and weddings. She enjoyed all these moments and more with me and my six siblings.” 

Joan Wilson, the late mother of Dayton Daily News reporter Richard Wilson   

Reporter Richard Wilson and his late mother, Joan Wilson.
Photo: Submitted

“ ‘Total freedom is total responsibility.’ This was my Mom’s philosophy relevant to morality on an individual and societal level. For her, being a responsible person meant being mindful of and accountable for your thoughts and intentions. They have a greater impact than words and actions on the people around you.”

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