Kitten stuck in palm tree makes dramatic leap, survives

Updated Dec 25, 2016
  • By Joy Johnston
  • Cox Media Group National Content Desk

A kitten in New Zealand got stuck in a tree, but not just any old tree. The gray and white cat somehow ended up high atop a palm tree that measured approximately 25 meters, according to a report from Stuff, a New Zealand news publication. That’s 82 feet, and firefighters were called out Tuesday to assist in the rescue mission.

The firefighters placed a ladder on each side of the tree and climbed up to rescue the cat. But the kitten decided to make a jump for it instead, and a dramatic photo of the cat in mid-air was posted on Facebook by Lonely Miaow, a cat rescue organization.

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The cat hit the ground running, and was finally corralled after eluding several firefighters and running under two fire trucks.

The kitten is friendly, but covered in fleas and very skinny, according to the cat rescue group. The cat will receive veterinary care but appeared not to have suffered any injuries from its dramatic fall. It will be fostered by Lonely Miaow before being made available for adoption.