Hasbro creates robotic ‘Companion Pets’ for seniors

Toy company Hasbro thinks it has the answer: lifelike, robotic pets. The company’s line of “Joy for All Companion Pets” offers robotic cats in three colors. According to the website, the robotic cats respond to petting, hugging and motion, and even purr like real cats. Owners can pet the robotic cat to elicit a variety of different lifelike responses. (Real cat owners will be happy to note that the realistic responses do not include scratching, biting or hissing.)

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Hasbro said in a website statement: “Hasbro has a long tradition of providing the world’s best play experiences to children. We believe that play and joy should happen at all stages of life.”

The product is designed to offer comfort and companionship for all ages, but may especially be useful for seniors who live alone. Studies suggest that loneliness and depression can increase the risk of death.

Companion Pets are priced at $99 and include free shipping.

For more details, visit Hasbro's Joy for All.