Let’s go beyond only Mother’s Day

Of all the well-intentioned, misguided ideas anyone has ever come up with, this has to be it.

Mother’s Day.

I’m all for celebrating mothers.

The love, devotion, care, guidance, work, and tears a good mother provides is truly something to behold.

But how and why did we decide to exclude magnificent women who simply haven’t pushed out a baby or signed adoption papers?

I’m talking about you.

You, who are an amazing aunt.

You, who devote yourself to your friend’s kids.

You, who take care of an aging parent.

You, whose world revolves around your pup.

Your cat.

Your baby goats.

You, who volunteer countless hours.

You, who run a company that provides jobs for so many.

You, who mentor a kid showing them a world they would never know.

You who create art making the world a better place.

I celebrate the way you create and contribute to the world in your special way.

It’s not that I wish you a Sunday spent in a hot crowded restaurant with cranky kids and over-stretched service staff.


Rather, I just want you to know that I see you.

I see the way you give.

The way you create.

Some women create human babies.

Others create in other, just as magnificent ways.

And then there is you.

You who find this Mother’s Day business so incredibly painful.

You, who have lost your mom and the grief still pierces your heart.

You, who didn’t exactly win the mom lottery. Childhood was painful. Your adult relationship with her is toxic.

Or it was until you found the strength to cut her off.

You, who are longing to hold your baby for the first time.

Your infertility challenges or your adoption road blocks sure are making that hard.

Your child is on your way. I can see her.

If there is one thing I know from my motherhood journey, family gets created in ways you can’t even imagine.

But this year, this Mother’s Day, that might not seem real.

Like a reason to celebrate.

That’s fine.

I see you.

I see your longing.

I see your pain.

The way you are surviving this is its own form of magnificence.

There might not be a pre-made card waiting for you in the Hallmark aisle.

That is their loss.

Never has there been a greater opportunity to celebrate one fine woman.

I would be so honored if you would consider this your card.

And your day.

Happy Magnificent Woman Day, Dear Reader!

The world is so lucky to have you.

And girl, you are so worth celebrating.

Daryn Kagan is the author of the book “Hope Possible: A Network News Anchor’s Thoughts On Losing Her Job, Finding Love, A New Career, And My Dog, Always My Dog.” Email her at Daryn@darynkagan.com.

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