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Thousands of military civilian jobs in Ohio at risk

Year in Review: Most-read news stories

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The death of a bogeyman who haunted a generation. A record-magnitude earthquake and a tsunami that swept away towns. The trial of the summer. A sudden passing. Dead-at-27 club. The next generation's go at a fairy-tale wedding. A disturbed man's action and the toxic side of politics. The toppling of long-entrenched regimes.

Those were just some of the many, many breaking news stories that hit us in 2011 and commandeered our online attention. While the Top 10 Searches focus on related keywords, the Top 10 News Stories involve a wider range of searches and include an analysis on the most-read news stories on Yahoo!.

The Yahoo! Year in Review editorial lead for five years running, Vera H-C Chan dissects news events, pop-culture idiosyncrasies, and online behavior to probe the "why" behind what's Web-hot with media and online. On Yahoo!, her articles can be found in News, TVMovies, and her Shine blog Fast-Talking Dame. Across the Net, there are remnants of contributions to a cultural travel guidemartial arts encyclopediamovie criticism, business profiles, and A&E/features reporting.


No. 10: Occupy Wall Street  >>


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