Stephen Colbert's 'Late Show' looked pretty familiar

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Stephen Colbert finally made his return to the small screen by taking over CBS's "Late Show" on Tuesday night. And even though he shed his "Colbert Report" character, a lot of the show looked pretty familiar.

"Just like the rest of the media, I will be covering all of the presidential candidates, who are ... Donald Trump," said Colbert on the "Late Show." "And Donald, no, no, please, let it go. We all love him."

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The red, white and blue color scheme and over-the-shoulder graphic looked a lot like Colbert's old show on Comedy Central. (Video via Comedy Central / "The Colbert Report")

And the first episode of Colbert's "Late Show" was pretty heavy on politics. Especially since Jeb Bush was the second guest.

So exactly what was the difference between "The Late Show" and "The Colbert Report?"

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He told the Daily Beast in February, "For the record, I'm not in character. This is me. It turns out the real Stephen Colbert had a beard the whole time, I was just so deeply in character for 10 years you didn't notice."

"You have more pictures of yourself than I thought you would have," said Jeb Bush.

"There are a lot of pictures of me in here," said Colbert. "I used to play a narcissistic conservative pundit, now I'm just a narcissist."

This is the first episode so the show might deviate from "The Colbert Report" vibe in time. We'll just have to watch and see.

This video includes images from Getty Images.