Here's Netflix's plan to keep you binge-watching on the go

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As if you weren't binge-watching Netflix enough from the comfort of your living room, the streaming giant is making it easier for you to do the same thing while you're on the go.

Netflix launched a new version of the app for iPhone and iPad, where when you're finished watching an episode -- of say,  "Orange is the New Black" -- the next one will auto-play.

It's an effort to get mobile users to stay in the app longer.

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If you're on Android, Netflix says those updates are coming later this year.

Netflix is also working on a solution for those who watch Netflix without Wi-Fi to combat high data usage.

Later this year, Netflix's mobile users can expect a new setting where they can stream HD or lower bit-rate videos to save that data for more quality time with Frank Underwood.

Enjoy this push to never break you away from binge-watching.

This video includes clips from Netflix and images from Getty Images.

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