This Clark County restaurant is about as ‘mom and pop’ as it gets

April 19, 2018
  • By Glenn and Kim Creyts
  • Contributing Writers
Mandie Warner, owner of Sis’s Restaurant in Catawba, and employees Paul Koenig and Lexi Herron behind the counter at the restaurant. BILL LACKEY/STAFF

Editor’s Note: This feature first published on on April 2, 2018.

Sometimes, a bit of throwback history can make an eatery even more interesting to visit. That would certainly be the case at this one.

Restaurant: Sis’s Restaurant

Location: 2 W. Pleasant St., Catawba

Contact: Facebook for “Daily Specials”

Telephone: (937) 828-0061


Catawba was a common stagecoach station in the mid-1800s. This corner building in its downtown still has the actual working stagecoach bell, along with two new U.S.A. flags, adorning its front entrance.

In recent times, Tim and Sue Ricketts had the “Time Of Day Cafe” in this spot for many years. Roberta Stonerock (“Sis”) owned a cafeteria in an old school in the town before renting this same space for her restaurant.

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Matt Warner is an Air Force veteran, and now a project manager at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He moved to Catawba in 2005. When they met in 2009, Mandie lived in Columbus and was working in the wholesale beverage industry. They married in 2013.

The couple really wanted to own an eating place in Catawba. Mandie’s friend, Mandy Campbell, worked for Sis at her restaurant and mentioned that the owner was ready to close her doors forever. Soon afterwards, the Warners met Sis with hopes of purchasing her business.

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On July 1, 2017, Matt and Mandie Warner became the new owners of Sis’s Restaurant, “A place people can bring their families and enjoy a good meal at a fair price.”

The Menu:


More Information:

Sis’s Restaurant is across the street from the Catawba Post Office.

There’s seating for 38t customers at this restaurant the owners describe as, “As Mom And Pop As It Gets!”

Its “Reward’s Card” has you spend $25 on four separate visits and get $25 off your fifth visit.

Its application for on-premises beer consumption is pending.

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