Gwen Stefani reveals holiday plans with superstar boyfriend Blake Shelton

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Through the Years

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Gwen Stefani stopped by Netflix talk show "Chelsea" on Nov. 3, and revealed her upcoming plans for the holidays. And, yes, they involve boyfriend Blake Shelton.

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After sharing some of her Christmas traditions with show host Chelsea Handler, the 48-year-old pop singer, who just dropped her first ever Christmas album, "You Make It Feel Like Christmas," told the comedian that she was going to split holiday time between Blake's home in Oklahoma and her stomping grounds in California.

“We’re going to do Thanksgiving over there [in Oklahoma], and then we’re going to come back and do Christmas this year here [in L.A.],” said the mother of three.

This is obviously not Gwen's first time visiting Blake's hometown. In fact, she recently joined him in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, for the opening of his new restaurant, "Ole Red." However, she says it took her a while to get used to her hunky boyfriend's country way of life.

“Blake is a culture shock, yea, that’s for sure,” Gwen said. But after more than two years of dating, she says she has grown to love where Blake is from, despite having to adapt to the unfamiliarities.

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"I feel like my nature growing up was Orange County, like, the beach. That was it, which is beautiful, and incredible. But to be able to experience the middle of America, and the gorgeous Oklahoma, I mean, it is very beautiful there," Gwen said. "It's so pretty. I love going there because I feel like I get to do nothing, and I never get that here in L.A. So, I love that."

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