CeeLo Green shares update after viral phone explosion video causes concern

CeeLo Green said Saturday noone was hurt in a viral video that appeared to show a cellphone exploding near his face, explaining it was a stunt for an upcoming project he is working on.

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Green explained that the clip was a stunt video for an upcoming project of his, "Gnarly Davidson."

The explosion in the booth, which appears to happen to Green’s character, is used to set up the introduction of a new character. While on the phone, the video shows his phone smoking, then exploding next to his head, causing the character (presumably Green) to collapse. No one was injured.

Concern and confusion ruled the immediate aftermath of the video’s release, fans lacked context and quickly assumed the worst. Celebrities even showed worry. Omarion and Rob Lowe were quick to write notes of support for Green.

Green said he is thankful for the attention and support. He apologized for causing any stress because of the incident:

“I’m upset that anyone had to be emotionally disturbed by what you saw today.”