Rediscovering Dayton: Cassano's Pizza

Credit: Marcus Hartman

Welcome to “Rediscovering Dayton,” a new series I’m starting on my blog to highlight the special things the Miami Valley has to offer. Whether I am revisiting places I knew long ago -- like this -- or trying out things to come to the area while I was working elsewhere, I think it's going to be a lot of fun!

We’re starting with an old classic, something quintessentially Gem City: Cassano’s!

First a confession: Cassano’s is one of those things I had no idea was “local” when I was growing up in Cedarville.

I mean it seems way too fancy and official to be based in the place I grew up, right?

Maybe I’m the only one who thought that way as a youngster, but it is. I felt the same way about Esther Price chocolates. Surely everyone has those, right? Look at that fancy gold box!

Anyway, we didn’t eat out a lot when I was growing up, but I’m sure I had "The Pizza King" more than a few times.

Credit: Marcus Hartman

How does it compare now to then?

I would say not much has changed.

I really didn’t remember the crust being THAT thin, but our food guru Mark Fischer, another proud Greene County native, assures me it was.

I do, of course, remember the salty taste hidden beneath every piece of Cassano’s, and the pepperoni, sauce and cheese all seem the same to me.

I have made a few visits to local establishments, and I love the décor and the vibe of the one on Brown Street. The new one on Dayton-Yellow Springs Road is much the same, though smaller.

Credit: Marcus Hartman

Credit: Marcus Hartman

Credit: Marcus Hartman

I found that they have good lunch specials, although the price is better than the portion. On the bright side, I guess that leave room (and a little cash) for one of the appetizers I’m sure is new in the past couple of decades.

Don’t drop into a Cassano’s at lunch time if you’re starving, either, because there will be a bit of a wait even if no one is there, but I guess that’s to be expected with any traditional pizza joint.

(Have I been spoiled by Rapid Fired Pizza? Well, I’m sure they’ll be a subject of a future post…)

So, regarding Cassano’s… Will I be back? You bet.

Sometimes nothing beats a good pizza, and I want to try their wings and stuffed breadsticks.

BONUS POINTS: They still have the make-it-yourself pizza packs at the stores – yep, the same ones we and I’m sure many others sold as fundraisers for peewee football and related activities – but I resisted the urge to buy any. This time.

I've got a long list of things to try again or for the first time, but if you have any suggestions feel free to send them along to And this won't be just food. I'm looking for historic sites, fun activities, etc.  Yes, it's still salty

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