Rose trying a 'Backdoor' and a 'Hail Mary'

UNSOLICITED OBSERVATIONS from The Man Cave, listening to the sound of heavy rain pelting the driveway, a sound that puts me to sleep at night. So, before I doze off. . .

To use a basketball term and a football term, Pete Rose is trying a backdoor play and a Hail Mary in his latest attempt to pry open the door to baseball’s Hall of Fame.

After baseball commissioner Rob Manfred denied Rose’s last request for reinstatement, Rose is attempting to by-pass baseball and gain Hall of Fame admission by asking ‘The Hall’ to make him eligible.

IT IS, INDEED, A backdoor play and a Hail Mary. It was the Hall of Fame that revised the rules that made Rose ineligible for consideration. Two years after then Commissioner Bart Giamatti banned Rose from baseball, the Hall of Fame imposed a rule that said players banned from the game are not eligible for consideration.

So why would they reverse their decision now?

Rose says that it was not Giamatti’s intent to bar him from the Hall of Fame when he banned Rose from the game. Of course it wasn’t. Giamatti had no power to stop the Hall of Fame from accepting Rose. But then the Hall of Fame took the necessary step to stop Rose from enshrinement.

Rose and his attorney are not Doug Flutie. No Hail Mary here. And they are not former Princeton basketball coach Pete Carril, famous for his back door plays.

Unfortunately for Rose, this one won’t work, either. Is the Supreme Court next?

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