Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey joined the hunt for pythons in Florida, bagging three snakes

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay joined the fight against Florida's invasive Burmese pythons recently, cooking up his catch on a levee near where one of the snakes was found.

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The Emmy-nominated chef tagged along with one of the South Florida Water Management District's python hunters, catching three snakes in western Miami-Dade County.

The hunt is part of an upcoming segment on his latest series, “The F Word with Gordon Ramsey.”

Their kills bring the total number of invasive pythons eliminated by the SFWMD Governing Board's Python Elimination program to 317 snakes in four months.

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The South Florida Water Management District approved the python hunt earlier this year. The job pays minimum wage plus bonuses based on the length of the snake.


Ramsay hunted with Kyle Penniston and Jason Catarineau.

“It was a blast hunting with the Ramsays and they were very respectful of what we are doing here in the Everglades, fighting these invasive predators to save the ecosystem,” said Penniston, who has hunted snakes for years, but tasted python for the first time this weekend when he ate Ramsay’s cooking.

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"What an honor to have my first taste of python cooked by Chef Ramsay."

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