Owl City's Adam Young claims he's behind iOS 7 sounds

Hey, Owl City fans — think the new sounds and ringtones in Apple’s iOS 7 sound familiar?

So does the band’s founder and lead singer Adam Young. He claims to be the mastermind behind the new operating system’s revamped sounds. (Via YouTube / Scott Buscemi)

Young had credited himself as working with Apple on “Sounds for iOS 7” on his discography Monday. (Via AppleInsider)

The credit has since been removed from his site, probably at the request of Apple, as 9to5Mac suggests. (Via 9to5Mac)

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But even before it went up on Young’s website, Owl City fans had their suspicions about iOS 7’s new noise. (Via YouTube / Scott Buscemi)

As for which new Apple sound Young claims to have created, it’s unclear — but sources assume he is responsible for the new electronic-sounding ring and notification tones.

The sounds are definitely reminiscent of some of Owl City’s biggest hits, including “Fireflies” and “Good Time.” (Via YouTube / OwlCityVEVO)

And Young has in the past lent his producing, mixing, and singing talents to soundtracks for movies like “Wreck-It Ralph” and the “Legends of the Guardians.” (Via The Huffington Post)

Young’s news comes just a few weeks after voice actor Susan Bennett revealed she was the voice behind the female version of Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant.

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