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2016 Presidential Election: Candidate John Kasich

Kasich Announces Presidential Run

Ty Greenlees

Kasich vows to prove doubters wrong

Ohio Gov. John Kasich launched his bid for the GOP nomination for president Tuesday. View his full-length speech of his announcement as well as other video and photos we gathered throughout the day.

Learn more about Kasich with our  in-depth, archive footage and analysis.

Timelapse video: How it all happened

Time-lapse of John Kasich crowds building

Time lapse of the Ohio Union during the John Kasich announcement shows the activity and crowds building before announcement.


QUIZ: How much do you know about John Kasich?

Test your Kasich trivia skills with our 13-question quiz about him and some of his major milestones.

Through the years

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has met many important political figures and world leaders throughout his life. Take a look at some memorable moments in his career

Photos: Gov. John Kasich through the years

View photos of Ohio Gov. John Kasich from when he was a child to present.

Trump, the brash New Yorker, picks up Southern campaign

Trump, the brash New Yorker, picks up Southern campaign

Donald Trump is expanding his paid campaign staff into several Southern states that will be key to selecting the Republican presidential nominee.

3:21 a.m.  

Ohio's presidential connection

White House drought

Ohio's White House drought

If Ohio Gov. John Kasich jumps into the already crowded Republican presidential race, he’ll join a long list of Ohioans who have sought the presidency.

INTERACTIVE: 24 Ohioans who tried to be President

24 Ohioans who tried to be President // Ohioans once ruled the roost in presidential politics, sending eight men to the White House.

Ohio_Politics Twitter feed

Jamie Dupree's Washington Insider

No answers yet from Republicans on new Speaker

A day after GOP lawmakers were stunned by the withdrawal of Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy from the race for Speaker, Republicans made no swift moves to fill that post, as members will go home for a ten day break no closer to a replacement for outgoing Speaker John Boehner.

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