Ohio State students find man secretly living behind door

What’s behind door No. 1? A person, apparently. A group of Ohio State students got a scare when they learned someone was living behind a door in their basement.

They moved into their off-campus house this fall and told friends they had a ghost — cupboards and the microwave were left open. They started searching the house and found a locked door in the basement. (Via WKRC)

“When their realtor finally opened the door, what they found shocked everyone  a bedroom that someone else had been living in.”

“No, what? You gotta be kidding me.”

“Inside the room, they found pictures of the guy with his friends and family.” (Via The Lantern)

That was a report from The Lantern, OSU’s student media outlet, and now the story is making major headlines. So, the residents actually recognized the man in the photos, a guy named Jeremy they’d met on the property once before. Jeremy told them he was living in the other rental space in the house. It’s divided into two units. (Via The Raw StoryUSAToday)

He was actually another student. Textbooks were found in the room, too. Jeremy wasn’t home at the time, but they left a note for him to call. Jeremy called them and came and got his stuff. (Via YouTube / The Ohio State University)

The students say Jeremy was a nice enough guy, he just wasn’t supposed to be living there. Probably needless to say, but they’ve had the locks changed.

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