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Military dad comes home, meets newborn quadruplets for the first time

Army dad meets newborn quadruplets

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A military dad left home as a father of one, and returned home as a father of five.

He’s now spending some much-needed time with his newborn quadruplets.

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Anthony Burch and his wife Mary Pat Burch of Hinsdale, Illinois, are very busy after the arrival of Henry, Molly, Nathaniel and Samuel. The couple also have a toddler named Alice.

The Army captain watched the delivery of his babies while he was in South Korea via Facetime on Jan. 24, according to WLS.

“He got to see them before I did, even though I was right there and he was 12,000 miles away,” Mary Pat Burch said.

The family won’t have much time together; Anthony only has two weeks of paternity leave. He will be returning over the summer.


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