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Public records

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New suits

13-CV-1020 – Entec Polymers, LLC, Orlando, Fla., v. Ruthie Ann, Inc., dba Ad Master c/o statutory agent Terrence Patrick Brennan, Dayton; plaintiff demand judgment in the sum of $14,981.84.

13-CV-1021 – Andrew T. Porter, Director, Ohio Department of Commerce, Columbus and State of Ohio Department of Commerce, Reynoldsburg vs. A&R Pizzeria LLC dba Wise Guys Pizza & More, 3451 E. National Road; plaintiff demands judgment $18,552 as the amount of underpaid minimum wages, statutory damages and overtime owed to the employees; plaintiffs’ attorney’s fees and plaintiffs’ costs.

13-CV-1022 – PNC Bank, N.A. Miamisburg vs. Tracy L. Shopshire and Valarie Shopshire, 309 Funston Ave., New Carlisle; complaint in foreclosure for $64,970.35 for property at 309 Funston Ave.

13-CV-1023 – Nationstar Mortgage, Lewisville, Texas vs. Carmela G. Bellew, 3150 Sherwood Park Drive; complaint in foreclosure for $102,408.66 for property at 1516 Sheaff Road.

13-DR-1095 – Angela R. McBride, 198 N. Henry St., New Carlisle v. Nathan G. McBride, 198 N. Henry St., New Carlisle; complaint for divorce.

13-DP-1097 – Jessica J. Mail, 853 Park Ave. vs. Je’tarr A. Washington, Dayton; petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

13-DP-1101 – Alicia G. Owens, 37 E. Madison Ave., Apt. A vs. Norval D. Owens Jr., 37 E. Madison Ave., Apt. A. petition for domestic violence civil protection order.

13-DP-1102 – Greg C. Abbott, 302 W. John St. vs. Bradley M. Trent, 230 W. Grand Ave.; petition for civil stalking protection order or civil sexually oriented offense protection order.

13-DP-1103 – Megan Bowen, 3936 Pinewood Ave. vs. Jonathon Ackley, 1910 E. High St.; petition for domestic violence violence civil protection order.


Shayna Oster, 1559 Charles St. vs. Kenneth Oster, 1566 E. High St., Apt. D, petition dismissed.

Rhonda Tunrey vs. Tim Griffith; petition dismissed.

Kimberly Hillis vs. James Shaw Jr.; petition dismissed.


Andrew Eugene Snider, 28, of 11144 Lower Valley Pike, Medway, construction and Danielle Marie Minton, 27, of 11144 Lower Valley pike, Medway, teacher.

Derrick Leith Evans, 30, of 614 W. Euclid Ave., certified grill master, and Siera Rena Comer, 27, 451 1/2 Selma Road, waitress.

Christopher Mark Taylor, 25, of 1116 W. North St., resolution specialist and Jennifer Earles, 40, of 1116 W. North St.

Robert Neil Picklesimer, 60, of 70 S. Houston Pike, South Vienna, maintenance supervisor and Lorraine Sue Elliott, 52, of 808 Mohawk Drive, bus driver.


Shawn R. Dawson to Shawn R. Dawson and Audrey L. Dawson; 1130 Redbud Lane; city; no fee.

Marcella Heil Irrevocable Trust to Richard Heil, Raymond Heil, Philip Heil and Roger Heil, 300-302 and 301-303 Sunset Drive, New Carlisle; no fee.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Park Hills Sentre LTD; 1503 Sunset Ave.; city/Springfield Twp; no fee.

Robert L. Mitchell aka Robert L. Mitchell Jr. to Robert L. Mitchell Jr. and Marianne Mitchell; 0 Edwards Ave. and 1805-1807 Edwards Ave.; city; no fee.

Wells Fargo Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 3438 Colonial Drive; German Twp.: no fee.

Patricia F. Grigsby by sheriff to Bank of America, N.A.; 225 Slayton St., New Carlisle; Bethel Twp.; $40,000.

Billie Hupp to Shawn R. Dawson; 1130 Redbud Lane; city; $84,800.

Mark F. Engle to Hurly D. Noble; 10436 Old Columbus Road; South Vienna; $149,500.

Mark T. Shue and Nancy J. Shue to Geraldine E. Lasky; 422 Sassafras Drive; Springfield Twp.; $149,900.

Zeus Investments, Inc. to Randy Miller and Jennifer Miller; 419 Western Ave.; city; $7,000.

Me Home Remodeling to Miguel A. Martinez-Guzman; 1216 Wendall Ave., New Carlisle; Bethel Twp.; $66,000.

Clark County Sheriff to Kelly G. Bryan; 2838 Mechanicsburg Road; Moorefield Twp.; 91,501.

Michael L. Dibert and Grace O. Dibert aka Grace E. Dibert to Michael P. Larson and Stephanie S. Larson; 2964 Myers Road; Pike Twp.; $256,000.

David A. Long and Pamela S. Long to Michael A. Francis and Kara M. Francis; 6770 Old Columbus Road, South Vienna; Harmony Twp.; $154,000.

Patricia Ann Sullivan and Richard Edward Ballard and Jeffrey Lynn Ballard to The Ridgewood Group, LLC, 731 W. Harding Road; city; $44,000.

Estate of Phyllis A. Duncan to Yang Xing; 3215 W. Jackson Road; Mad River Twp.; $92,000.

Rysco Investments LLC to Wahl Street Properties, LLC; 1805 S. Limesteone St.; city; $615,000.

Pennymac Loan Services to Vernon L. Donnelly; city; 352 E. High St.; $20,000.

Brad M. Cooper to Levi G. Traylor; 2119 Beatrice St.; city; $48,500.

Jesse Howard and Kristin Howard to Dee Ann Yoke and Cara Christine Holt; city; 1261 Kingsgate Road; $228,500.

Ronald E. Bollinger and Juanita J. Bollinger to Christian Cordell and Taylor Cordell; Catawba; 21 E. Pleasant St., Catawba; $75,900.


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