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Mental Health Services selects new chief


Mental Health Services selects new chief photo
Curt Gillespie

By Tiffany Y. Latta

Staff Writer

A 26-year employee of Mental Health Services for Clark and Madison Counties has been named its new chief executive officer.

Curt Gillespie, who has been with MHS since 1988 and currently serves as senior vice president of Adult Services, will replace Dr. James Perry as the top executive of the private, nonprofit behavioral health organization, officials.

Perry has been the CEO of the organization for 33 years. His last day is June 30.

He said Gillespie’s overall familiarity with the position and community made him the top candidate for the job.

“In many ways he’s the familiar face of the organization,” Perry said.

Officials announced last month that they had interviewed internal candidates for the position.

MHS Board of Trustees Chair Marilyn Kreider said then that replacing Perry would be difficult.

Gillespie has good credentials, Kreider said, and has been a longtime employee with the organization.

“We’re really looking forward to working with him as our CEO,” Kreider said.

The mental health facility is now located at 474 N. Yellow Springs St. across from the new downtown hospital and works cooperatively with Springfield Regional Medical Center and other organizations to provide mental health services to patients across the region.

Mental Health Services provides care for individuals of all ages with schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, depression and other mental health issues.

It provides walk-in treatment, recovery services, emergency care and day care programs for those with psychiatric disorders.

Perry said Gillespie’s biggest challenge will be finding ways to care for the people the organization serves with less funding.

Roselin Runnels, spokeswoman for Mental Health and Recovery Board of Clark, Greene and Madison Counties, said Gillespie was a great choice for the position.

“He has a lot of ability and has been with the organization for a long time,” Runnels said. “I’m sure he’ll provide strong leadership for the organization.”


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