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Clark County Common Pleas Court cases


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Clark County Common Pleas Court. Bill Lackey/Staff

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16-CV-0673 - Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee, v. Beatrice Faith Young, 1070 Oakleaf Ave., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $40,176.

16-CV-0676 - Kevin D. Reynolds, Fairborn, and Rebecca S. Blazer, Fairborn, v. Michael S. Evans, Fairborn, et al., complaint in excess of $25,000 for damages and injuries suffered in an auto accident on Nov. 9, 2014.

16-CV-0677 - Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee, v. Deirdre D. Adamson fka Deirdre D. Allen, 3916 Glendale Ave., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $93,249.

16-DR-0882 - Richard A. Ireland, South Vienna, v. Donna M. Ireland, address unknown, complaint for divorce.

16-DR-0887 - John David Hornbeck, 1827 E. Leffel Lane, v. Rebecca Sue Hornbeck, 1827 E. Leffel Lane, complaint for divorce.

16-DR-0888 - David L. Taylor, 5540 Hiawatha Ave., v. Jaima N. Taylor, Huber Heights, complaint for divorce.

16-DS-0890 - Michelle N. Burgoon, New Carlisle, and Richard E. Burgoon, Haviland, petition for dissolution of marriage.

16-DS-0891 - John M. Manus, Jr., 306 Bellaire Ave., and Michelle R. Manus, Wapakoneta, petition for dissolution of marriage.


State of Ohio v. Derrick Cameron, community control terminated, all fines, court costs and community control fees are suspended.

State of Ohio v. Evert Knicley, convicted of aggravated possession of drugs, 11 months prison with jail credit for time served.

Susan Baldwin and Jeffrey Paul Fourman, dissolution of marriage.

Alex Wallen and Samantha Drummond, dissolution of marriage.

Christa Willis and Jacob Willis, dissolution of marriage.

Thomas Burnett v. Sally Jo Burnett, decree of divorce granted on the grounds of living separate and apart for more than one year and incompatibility.


Marriage Licenses

Natasha Nicole McDermott, 28, New Carlisle, to Matthew Vincent Vernoy, 29, New Carlisle, butcher.

Tara Donielle Franks, 37, 809 W. Mulberry St., customer service representative, to Julian Thomas Taiwo, 36, Trotwood, shift manager.

Steven Patrick Cornett, 49, Medway, electrical engineer, to Luiza Abubakarr Quee, 41, Westerville, nurse.


Property Transfers

Cory C. Wise to Cory C. and Jenna D. Wise, 9995 New Carlisle Pike, New Carlisle; no fee.

Hipolitio Cruz and Edna I. Rangel to Roger D. Varney, 144 Dogwood Road, two parcels, and 0 Dogwood Road, five parcels, Medway; $88,900.

Miranda Munoz to Teresa L. Hanson, 884 Aspen Road, New Carlisle; $84,500.

Gary Ward Stapleton to Robert S. and Rachelle C. Stockdale, 4622 W. National Road, Springfield; $77,500.

Lillian M. Waller to Short Properties Ltd., 825 Plumwood Dr., New Carlisle; $60,000.

Ronald C. and Donna M. King to Donna M. King, 1101 Greenheart Dr., New Carlisle; no fee.

Ryan D. Barlau to Glen Douglas Fulton, 12000 Old Osborne Road, South Vienna; $274,900.

W. Roger and Ramona Y. Thompson, Trustees, to Wilbur Family LLC, 0 Columbus- Cincinnati Road, South Charleston; no fee.

Roger Adkins to Robert J. Woodruff, 2520 E. Home Road, Springfield; $136,000.

Rebekah J. Botello to Gregg B. and Carolyn A. Gerlinger, 8363 Troy Road, New Carlisle; $17,500.

Christopher D. and Shannon D. Jent to David M. Reynolds Jr., and Christina M. K. Reynolds, 5755 New Carlisle-St. Paris Road, New Carlisle; $188,000.

George S. Trego to Beverly Trego, 1401 Buck Creek Lane, Springfield; no fee.

Carol S. Hollon and Brenda J. Williams to Henry M. Artrip, 240 Ogden Road, Springfield; $115,000.

W. Roger and Ramona Y. Thompson, Trustees, to 68 Ventures LLC, 2700 S. Burnett Road; 1460 E. Possum Road; 2694 York St.; and 0 Clifton Road, three parcels; Springfield; no fee.

Seth M. and Jennifer L. Cosby to Toby R. Printz, 2759 Ashlar Dr., Springfield; $177,500.

CMP & Sons Construction Inc., to Shelley J. Clemens, 2416 Northmoor Dr., Springfield; $123,900.

Mary M. DeSantis to Timmie R. Shirk and Elizabeth K. Shirk, 2955 Avery Cir., Springfield; $88,900.

Mark R. Grant to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 215 N. Western Ave., Springfield; $10,000.

Loan Vovan to Cathy L. and Aaron M. Ballard, 1430 Northgate Road, Springfield; $79,600.

Adam C. and Lisa N. Blair to Kiri E. Barbee, 1401 Crestview Dr., Springfield; $94,000.

Steven L. Wingfield to Sandra A. Chiles, 615 Mavor St., Springfield; $49,900.

Nathaniel Radford to David Robinson, 118 Wilson Ave., Springfield; no fee.

TK Yost Investments LLC to TY Investments LLC, 105 W. Auburn Ave., Springfield; no fee.


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